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Windows 8 USB Installation Tutorial for Bootable Drive

This is Windows 8 USB Installation Tutorial for Bootable Drive. With the help of screenshots, we are going to demonstrate, how Windows 8 can be installed via Bootable USB Drive.

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Windows 8 USB

Windows 8 USB Installation Tutorial for Bootable Drive:

There involved a few steps to make your USB or Flash drive bootable for Windows 8. Following the procedure step by step would lead you to install Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on the computer by using USB Drive.

Steps for Windows 8 USB Installation (Bootable USB):

  1. First of all Download Windows version of your choice below.

2. Now download Microsoft Windows 8 USB Tool for making USB Drive Bootable

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3. Install the Program, and open it from the desktop icon.

4. Now choose the Windows 8 ISO, Windows 8.1 ISO or Windows 7 Ultimate ISO. Whichever you want your computer to boot for, from USB or flash driver.

Windows 8 USB Installation

5. After browsing the directory and loading program with ISO Image file, click the drop-down icon to select your USB Drive.

Windows 8 USB Installation Tutorial for Bootable Drive

6. After selecting Drive, hit “Begin Copying Button. And Done…

Now you can boot from USB Device. Turn your PC off and for a test connect the flash drive to slug and see, it will ask for “Press Any Key” to boot from the device.

There is another way to do this.

Second Method for Windows 8 USB Installation (Bootable USB):

Rufus is another method to Install Windows 8 via USB.

  1. Download Rufus from the Download button .
  2. Select the file system.
  3. Label New Volume.
  4. Click option next to ” Create a Bootable Disk Using” and give Windows.iso file from the directory.
  5. And Click start. Rest it would work the same way as we have mentioned above in the tutorial.

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