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PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download is a scaled-down version of the original game specifically developed for low-end Android devices. Through an agreement with PUBG Corporation, Tencent Games came up with a free alternative to PUBG Mobile that offers a quicker, action-packed experience for those wanting the same fun gameplay from the original game but in a simpler format. You can download PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download in Android devices with at least 1GB RAM memory and 500MB memory space. This means that the game is optimized for you to battle other players in your favorite device without suffering any lag. Ready for the action?

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In PUBG Lite APK Download 60 people are dropped into an island that’s slightly smaller than the original map: a 2km x 2km island full of weapons and other things like first-aid kits and vehicles. Your first goal is to think well where you’re going to land and invest some time looting; you need good weapons and ammo! In PUBG Lite APK Download, there is a large number of options in terms of fighting materials, so it’s important for your initial survival to get some of it during the beginning of your game. An AK-47 or similar gun can make the difference between life and death.

PUBG MOBILE LITE APK DOWNLOAD  is one of the variations on a theme; a spinoff, if you will. The app is developed using Unreal Engine 4, and it’s compatible with the majority of mobile devices available in the market today. Even devices that offer little RAM memory can run PUBG MOBILE LITE APK DOWNLOAD without a problem, which leads to an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone! As with past versions, you parachute onto an island with an ever-shrinking playing zone which leads to some pretty hectic encounters. Only when one player remains standing can they proclaim themselves as the winner!


  • A compact map for 40 players. Smallness of the game area (2×2 km island) guarantees faster winning and game process without spoiling world-known PUBG style.
  • Qualitative graphics and HD Audio. There are cool 3D sound effects and awesome visual details in PUBG MOBILE LITE APK DOWNLOAD, the showdown will be epic and realistic.
  • Gaming environment is fair. Game developers produced powerful unbeatable anti-cheat system, so you can be sure that no one can cheat.
  • Realistic deadly weapons. There is growing arsenal for you in this PUBG version — firearms, throwables, melee weapons and so on. Ballistics and other war effects are really jaw-dropping.
  • Team fighting is available. Invite your friends from all over the globe to beat your adversaries it is fun. Coordinate you battle strategy with the help of voice chat.

PUBG MOBILE LITE APK DOWNLOAD is not just a game, your goal is to survive, join.

PUBG mobile lite same action with some minor changes

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download is an awesome video game for your Android device! The game uses mobile interactive features to replicate the environments, weapons, maps, storyline and other main components that exist within the PUBG Video Game. Just like other versions of the game, PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Download comes with intense action sequences that keep you completely enthralled in a world where you’ll be battling it out with up to 100 players who are trying to fight for survival! The last player alive wins the round. PUBG APK focuses on a strategic approach and offers a thrilling, adventurous ride at every step.

What about the gameplay?

The lighter version of the popular battle royale game, PUBG mobile Lite APK Download , is a modified version of its heavier sibling which happens to be full-fledged . Although PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download has the same title, code name and similar features as PUBG Mobile , there are many differences between these two games. First and foremost, the lighter version doesn’t have any character customization options like name or gender change. The reason for this lack of in-game features is that the lighter version is meant to function solely as an on-the-go gaming experience due to its lower system requirements specified by its manufacturer or developer .Currently, the game supports only two servers, with one each in South America and Asia.

What’s different in PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download?

PUBG MOBILE LITE APK DOWNLOAD – After the success of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games has now come up with a lightweight version of this game. The developers downgraded certain tools in PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download to allow for smooth functioning on low-end or cheaper Android smartphones. .

The ‘Settings’ menu has also been tweaked and supports fewer languages.


Is PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download a good choice?

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download delivers on the high expectations of fans by offering players a total new experience. While still sticking to the same strategic movements, base forts, and weapons in this fast-paced tactics game, the developers have made certain improvements in terms of memory storage and try to make it more lightweight so that it can perform well on low-end smartphones

Since its release, PUBG Mobile Lite has only been getting more popular across the world. The game can be run on smartphones with 2 GB RAM..

Downloading PUBG Mobile LITE’s latest version

APK download and size

The APK file for the 0.22.0 version is available on the official website, and users can download it on their devices and then complete the in-game updates to get the 0.22.2 version. Here are the steps they can follow:

Step 1: Gamers can start by visiting the game’s official website and pressing the “APK Download” button. The download procedure for the APK file will soon commence.

The APK download size is 714 MB, and users will additionally need to have space to incorporate the in-game patches.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, individuals can enable the “Install from Unknown Source” setting and install PUBG Mobile Lite on their devices.

Step 3: Finally, they can complete the in-game updates and sign in using their accounts to enjoy playing the lighter version of PUBG Mobile.

Redeem codes

Like its superior version, PUBG Mobile Lite also features redeem codes that players can utilize to receive free rewards. These are the general steps for redemption:

Step 1: Users should start by heading over to the “Redemption Center” of the game. This URL can be clicked to get to the website.

Enter all the details into the text field (Image via Tencen)


PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download without VPN

PUBG Mobile Lite APK Download utilizes Unreal Engine 4, much like the original PUBG MOBILE, but it is based on a 2km x 2km island that contains only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly. The streamlined gameplay allows for fast-paced action-packed matches lasting 8 minutes or less. Players will have the ability to collect weapons, vehicles, and supplies to enhance their chances of survival in a shrinking battlefield.

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite?

Steps to download PUBG Mobile Lite APK Latest Version

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite official website in your device. Click here to open.
  • Then scroll down and find out the download APK button.
  • Now download the APK file.
  • Open phone settings and enable unknown sources option.
  • Open file manager and install the apk file.

The developers have not revealed the upcoming update details yet but it will be available soon. So wait for the release and stay updated with us.

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