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Gmail APK for Android Latest Version 2022

Gmail APK Latest Version 2022

Gmail APK for Android Latest Version 2022


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The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your Android smartphone or tablet with excellent security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and browsing features that work for all emails.

The description of Gmail

The official Gmail app brings you the best of Gmail on your Android phone or tablet: powerful security controls, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search across all your mail.


With the Gmail app, you can do all of this:

  • Automatically block over 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, malware, and dangerous links from ever reaching your inbox
  • Undo submissions to avoid embarrassing mistakes
  • Activate Google Chat to connect, create and collaborate with other users
  • Work better in a group thanks to spaces: dedicated places that can be organized by users, topics and projects
  • Enjoy high-quality video calls with Google Meet
  • Respond to emails faster with Smart Reply suggestions
  • Switch between multiple accounts
  • Get notified of new emails fast, with notification centre, balloon and lock screen options
  • Search your mail faster with instant results, predictions as you type, and spelling suggestions
  • Organize your mail with features to label, star and delete messages or mark them as spam
  • Swipe messages to archive or delete them and quickly clear your inbox
  • Read your mail as a conversation
  • Take advantage of Gmail’s feature that automatically completes contact names as you type, based on your Google contacts or those on your phone
  • Respond to Google Calendar invitations directly from the app



Stay on top of important work with Gmail, which is part of Google Workspace. In addition to having a secure email service, you can also chat, collaborate with a group in spaces or make voice or video calls, all from one place.


Gmail APK for Android Latest Version 2022


Gmail is part of the Google Workspace and lets you and your team easily connect, create, and collaborate. you may:

  • Connect with co-workers via Google Meet or Google Chat, send calendar invitations, add actions to your to-do list, and more without leaving Gmail
  • Use suggested actions – such as Smart Reply, Smart Typing, Grammar Suggestions and Alerts – to keep working and complete simple tasks so you can use your time more efficiently
  • Take care of yourself. Our machine learning model blocks more than 99.9% of spam, phishing and malware from reaching our users


Gmail offers many useful features. An email conversation between two contacts is grouped into threads. When you receive and send messages, emails are automatically grouped by topic, regardless of the age of the conversation. When someone replies to you, the app automatically pulls all previous related messages for reference in an inverted vertical thread.


Emails are thoroughly scanned for viruses and malware. Gmail for Android constantly updates its anti-malware software to give you the best virus protection possible. For suspicious emails, the Gmail app will warn you before downloading and opening the files or email.


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