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Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger for Android APK is a commonly used conversation app. Send and receive messages with multiple contacts. Share your photos and videos. Audio or video calls through any social network. The best app for active conservation individually or even in a group. Use GIFs, emojis, stickers to express your feelings. Now available on your desktop window as well as window 10.

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Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger for Android APK Features

Fast Delivery of Messages

Deliver your text with one click to any part of the world. A smooth messaging app which need not exchange phone number. Start communicates to multiple people any time as well as from anywhere.

Express your Feelings

Give your feedback with GIFs, stickers or emojis. A large variety of emojis helps you to personalize your messages and give spirit to your written conservation.

Share Images or Videos

A wonderful deal of sharing images or videos to your friends. You can also capture the image through a messenger camera, draw a doodle and share it with your contacts. You can also use filters.

Group Conservation

Facebook Messenger helps you to create a group messaging or even calling to your friends and get more enjoyment.

Multiple Types of Text

The app offers multiple types of texting. You can send written messages, send only an emoji, and record your message and send it in your own voice.

Business Dealing

Select any of your favorite business or convey it to your entire locality for getting customer support. An easy method to start or enlarge your business.


A simple interface with two windows. At first place search contacts as well as the status of your friends. And the next is for managing individual as well as group calling.

Use any Social Media Network

The app is available for all social networks. Just write text or capture a photo or video and share it with your friends with ease.

Use of vibrating Alerts

Facebook Messenger arranges vibrating alerts for receiving a message. And enables you to talk with a person on a landline if he is not using Facebook Messenger. The app also offers VOIP voice calls too.

Messenger for Android

Main Features

  • Commonly used messaging or calling app
  • Fast sharing of photos and videos
  • Use of emojis to express feelings
  • Individual as well as group calling
  • Enlarge your business
  • Use any social media network
  • Vibrating alerts for receiving a message

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Facebook for Android Apk 

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