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Opera Beta 97.0.4719.17 Download | TechSpot

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Want to be the first to test the newest browser features? Upgrade your browser with Opera beta and Opera developer releases.

You can download the latest Stable version here and the latest Developer version here.


  • Tab stacking
  • Mouse gestures
  • Extensions
  • Opera Turbo
  • Speed Dial
  • Opera Link
  • Password manager
  • Opera Unite
  • Zoom

Live, dynamic Speed Dial

This release furthers one of the Opera browser’s most popular features, Speed Dial, with new Speed Dial extensions. In your Speed Dial, you can show live, animated content such as news feeds, the weather, a collection of your favorite photos and much more. Speed Dial extensions can also be customized to your preferences. A growing collection of Speed Dial extensions is available from our extensions catalog.

Keep your passwords in sync

Opera Link synchronizes bookmarks and other browser information across multiple computers. Opera’s security has been enhanced to ensure that your passwords are kept safe in Opera Link. With this feature, it is important to ensure that your Opera Link password is strong, and the Opera browser now even helps with this.

This beta is a test version of new features in the next release. It includes known bugs and may be unstable in certain browsing conditions. It is strongly recommended that you back up your current Opera installation before installing this version.

What’s New

  • CHR-9150 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-109-4635 to 109.0.5414.61
  • DNA-91899 [WIN] Installer: adapt subfolder naming
  • DNA-102936 [News Categories] Categories become invisible after minimizing browser window
  • DNA-103000 [News Categories] Selected categories not saved after restarting browser
  • DNA-103001 [News Categories] ‘x’ button invisible in ‘Choose language and country’ on light theme
  • DNA-103002 [News Categories] Changes in ‘Choose language and country’ modal not saved on esc or clicking outside of modal
  • DNA-103110 Strange animation when dragging tiles
  • DNA-103137 Fix positioning in Web UI component
  • DNA-103338 Update browser shortcut
  • DNA-103369 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarContainer::UpdateVisibleItems()
  • DNA-103593 [Navigation] Change which elements on start page are possible to navigate through with keyboard shortcuts
  • DNA-103624 Create JS API to open Search tabs feature
  • DNA-103643 Prepare for showing Lucid Mode button without text
  • DNA-103706 Unable to roll up advanced settings
  • DNA-103811 Entering full URL results with a search instead of navigation when all categories are disabled in dropdown
  • DNA-103836 Translations for O94
  • DNA-103923 [win installer] silent installation should not add consent to installer prefs
  • DNA-103932 [SD][Add to Opera] Remove https://www and / from tile title when adding SD
  • DNA-103933 [SD][Add to Opera] Do not return focus to the end of the URL after pressing backspace when editing it
  • DNA-103949 Lucid Mode doesn’t work in a private window
  • DNA-103957 [Win] Small gap between the open panel and sidebar.
  • DNA-103967 Opera internal pages have chrome:// prefix in address dropdown
  • DNA-103974 Reorder and update look of toolbar in snapshot editor
  • DNA-103975 Zoom tool should work in 10% increments
  • DNA-104004 Improve welcome pop-up
  • DNA-104005 Change activation pop-up
  • DNA-104011 Turn on Lucid Mode on all streams
  • DNA-104035 [SD] Browser crashes when dragging tiles with fresh profile
  • DNA-104037 OpAuto tests failing due to wrong version comparison check
  • DNA-104040 Can not drag tile to open folder
  • DNA-104052 Hide Lucid Mode video button on Google Meet
  • DNA-104053 Right mouse click open speed dial instead of context menu
  • DNA-104055 News article opens in active tab
  • DNA-104071 Enable #gx-evergreen-theme flag for all channels in GX
  • DNA-104078 Expired strict-security-mode flag causes test failures
  • DNA-104080 Tab not activated after opening speed dial folder in new tabs
  • DNA-104088 Create new welcome pop-up for Rich Hints
  • DNA-104089 No crashes reported in soccoro for Linux
  • DNA-104105 Avoid crash on closing browser when search tabs feature is open
  • DNA-104180 Promote O95 to beta
  • DNA-104234 Opera update resets all consents to False value
  • DNA-104278 Don’t show Lucid Mode button on videos when hardware acceleration is off

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