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You Should Know about Ogame!

Ogame is a browser-based online multiplayer game based on money management and space war, with over two million accounts. OGame was created in 2002 and is produced and supported by Gameforge. Ogame is available in multiple languages and different nationalities have their own communities.

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The game does not differ between communities of different nationalities, except in rare cases. Players are usually informed about news, rule changes or new releases through the official forums.

As of January 19, 2011, has a total of 52 universes, including ten universes that use the new design. More universes are added regularly. The Ogame prOgame universe (Universe 35) was removed as it was exclusive to paying members, so anyone can subscribe.

Ogame Gameplay:

Each OGame universe consists of three classifications: galaxies, systems and planetary sites (which are divided into planets, moons and debris fields). Each universe consists of up to 9 galaxies, each with 499 (1-499) systems with 15 planetary bodies.

Each player starts with a planet, with randomly determined coordinates at locations 4,6,8,10,12 in random systems and galaxies. The first planet always consists of 163 planets, which determines how many building developments can be built on the planet, regardless of the slot in the player’s system. Originally, a player’s empire could consist of up to 9 planets in an empty planet slot.

However, with the redesign, this restriction has been lifted, with the requirement that each planet requires two additional research levels at a progressive cost. All construction, exploration and missions must be completed and launched from planets or moons. Construction is done with five resources: metals, crystals, deuterium, energy and dark matter.

These resources can be obtained in a number of ways, including mining, trading and raiding (see Battles below). Players are ranked by their points, with one point awarded for every 1,000 units of resources invested in building, research, ships or defense. No points are awarded for unused resources.

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Ogame Expeditions:

Expeditions are fleets that travel outside the system, but not to another system. Expeditions require astrophysics. Expeditions are used to search for raw materials and valuable dark matter.

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