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Joy Pony APK Download 2022

Joy Pony APK Overview

AA Games’ Joy Pony is a simulation game. This free mobile game requires you to take in a pony found inside a box. The pony is filthy and hungry, and it is your responsibility to care for it by feeding, washing, and playing with it.

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Joy Pony’s gameplay is similar to that of Pou and My Talking Tom. The majority of your time will be spent on keeping the pony happy. However, players should be aware that the game lacks a tutorial. It might also be perplexing because the pony does nothing but weep.

Joy Pony APK

What is Joy Pony APK?

Joy Pony is a little virtual pet game. This game requires you to care for a pony that you discovered inside a box, as the name says. When the game first launches, you will be able to personalise the appearance of your pet. There is a slider that allows you to change the hue and even the characteristics, such as hair and eyes. After that, you may take it home and care for it.

The idea is to keep the pony happy by looking after its general health. You can do so by tapping the available options on the screen. These solutions cover almost everything your pet need, including bandages and medication. Surprisingly, there are also options for cutting and hitting the pony as punishment. In addition to caring for your pet, you will need to labour to earn cash.

However, despite its simplicity, the game is actually rather perplexing. As previously said, no lesson is accessible, and the settings option is not in English. Furthermore, the pony just cries. There are dialogue possibilities, however they are confined to common queries like “Is your pet hungry?” The controls are particularly ludicrous, since you may move the pony about and abruptly put it on the floor.

Is the game good?

Joy Pony has pretty much everything you’d expect from a virtual pet game. The gameplay is straightforward and consists primarily on caring for your virtual pony. The lack of variation, on the other hand, makes the game uninteresting. Furthermore, the pony screams incessantly, giving you no feeling of progress. Overall, there are better choices available if you want to care for a virtual pet.


  • Familiar gameplay
  • Nice visuals


  • Lacks English options
  • The controls are not smooth
  • Lacks variety
  • Does not offer any sense of progress


How to install Joy Pony APK?

STEP 1 – Download Apk

Download the apk from the link provided on this website. Make sure to enable notifications for updates and news.


Navigate to the settings menu. Scroll down the list and tap Security, then scroll down and tap Unknown sources on the right. Then On the prompt that appears, tap ‘OK.’

Step 3 – Install apk and Enjoy

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