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GPU Monitor 12.8 Download | TechSpot

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GPU Monitor is a handy Windows sidebar gadget lets you monitor the most recent stats of your Nvidia or/and ATI Desktop Graphic Card. It made especially for the overclockers and gamers. Though GPU Monitor is just a gadget, it provides many information that you need about Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) installed on your system including Vendor (with icon), Model, GPU and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Temperatures, Fan speed (% and RPM), GPU, Video Engine and Memory Controller load, Video memory usage, GPU core, shader and GPU memory clock, PCI Express and mode (Nvidia SLI or ATI Crossfire) if you have more than one GPU. A comprehensive graph is provided to maximize the delivered details such as virtual memory, temperature, and interface.

No third party software is required to display all of this data. Only newest graphics driver must be installed. GPU Monitor supports most Nvidia and AMD/ATI video cards. You can also write all data provided by gadgets to log file for easy documentation.

You can easy customize the interface by changing the color, background and detail of the graphs, if there are multiple GPUs, you can determine which characteristics you want to control, switching between them is done by scrolling the mouse wheel. There are a lot of settings, and if you want to customize everything to your liking, you will have to spend some time on it. GPU Monitor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


  • You can use mouse wheel () for switching between GPUs and different GPU’s settings in multi GPU system. Don’t forget click on gadget’s body before use wheel.
  • Press Nvidia icon () for smart scan your system – Automatically Detect NVIDIA Products.
  • Double click on background run Control panel or Control Center.

What’s New

  • Updated French translation by LogoLargo.

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