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Alien Terminator Free Download For Windows 7, 8, 10

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As part of the Bio-com research project, The Earthtek company has locked six scientists in a basement to research the impact of isolation. It is also possible to receive immediate mobile notifications using our iPhone or Android application. The apps are synced to your account on and you just need to download the app and sign in with your account username and password. Michael Biehn, Lance Henriksen, and Jenette Goldstein were the stars of the movie Aliens written by James Cameron. Lance Henriksen also appeared in two films Alien 3 and Alien vs. Predator. A virus that was created during the course of a genetic experiment is released on a group of researchers who are trapped for five miles beneath the earth.

Alien Terminator

The next night, Maureen arrives, but her boatman is revealed to be a duplicate of the cybernetic killer she strips off her own skin and reveals herself in the form of an alien. 95 minutesCountryUnited StatesLanguageEnglishAlien Terminator is a 1995 American horror film, written and directed by Dave Payne.

Alien Terminator Features

Independent Film Synopsis Five miles beneath the surface of the earth Scientists from a lab are working in self-imposed isolation and are perfecting a sequence of DNA-based experiments that could transform the face of the earth. However, when one of the experiments fails the result is an almost immortal creature that is capable of instant recovery, and an unstoppable craving for live flesh. In the near future, there is no way to stop the beast, and the life support systems in the lab rapidly fading away scientists are in the midst of preparing for the final battle… The movie Soulmates rating Register so you can get recommendations for movies specifically tailored to your tastes in movies. Five miles beneath the surface of the earth, a team of scientists is in self-imposed isolation, working on an array of DNA tests that could fundamentally alter the course of history.

If one of those tests goes wrong and the experiment fails, it releases a near-immortal creature that is hungry for flesh. This, the Xenomorph (also known as “Alien”, is a predatory, parasitic alien species. It is a frequent predator of the Predator and is often encountered on the part of Ellen Ripley. There aren’t any featured reviews of Alien Terminator because the movie hasn’t been released yet (). On the next day, waiting on Maureen to arrive by vessel, Ted along with June is assaulted by a hitman. In the subsequent chase, their pursuers turn into a cyborg that is killed by a bull before being destroyed.

Soon, there will be no stopping the monster as the life support systems of the lab fast fade away as the scientists prepare for the final fight. Five miles beneath the Earth’s surface, a small group of scientists is working in self-imposed solitude, perfecting the DNA research that could transform the entire world.

You will receive a notice on the right at the bottom of the page whenever the current price matches or is lower than your cost. Additionally, you can opt-in to receive an email message, which is set in your preferences on the Site within “My price tracker”. Reviews that are verified are considered to be more reliable by moviegoers who have seen the film. Sci-Fi 100 found the first hour of the film was an Indiana Jones rip-off with little to do with sci-fi but they found the final 30 minutes intriguing and an increase in the amount of science-fiction.

Film Authority gave the movie three stars, describing it as an odd mix of Romancing the Stone, Close Encounters, and The Terminator. In the event of the murder of a merchant, Ted learns from the man who attempted to offer the stolen goods as a marijuana dealer who disguises as a fisherman the Spanish ship is not underwater, but in a mountain cave.

How to Get Alien Terminator for Free

Simply send us a note here and we’ll get to get you confirmed. If autocomplete results are displayed, make use of the upward and downward arrows for review, and press enters to choose. Ted and June are able to hide and later are seen living with an indigenous tribe in which Ted writes an account of his findings and hopes that his tale will eventually be revealed to the world.

When he climbs the mountain and locating an abandoned ship Ted realizes the cave was inside UFOs that had captured the ship five centuries prior and then crashed shortly after.

Ted Angelo, a writer who is struggling with alcoholism as well as his decline in career, is dismissed at the request of his ex-wife and his editor Maureen De Havilland while on an excursion in Cartagena to conduct research on pre-Columbian civilizations.

When he is contemplating his return back home Ted stumbles upon a treasure trove of 16th century finds from a vessel of Spanish conquistadores. His most trusted acquaintance, art historian Alonso Quintero, helps Ted to find a buyer on the market for black art, only to be discovered dead. In the dark, to no one but one of the scientists the fake isolation experiment conceals the real motive behind Earthtek, which is to develop super-soldiers.

Alien Terminator System requirements

  • Operating System: Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Ram: 256 MB
  • CPU:800 Mhz or better
  • Hard disk space: 64 MB

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