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Achieve Time Management accomplishments in Rail Nation!

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What is Rail Nation about?

At its heart, Rail Nation is a time management game that can be very rewarding to play. Many aspects of this game are well-designed, including the economic system which is multi-faceted and reflects the technology and economic realities of the era.

Besides Rail Nation’s well-designed economic system that is hyper-realistic, the game does live up to its name as a “Rail Nation” as it can also be seen as a train simulator game – thus being both a “rail/train” game as well as a “nation” building MMO games. With different tracks and types of engines/trains to develop and research, you may find yourself spoilt for choice.

Of course, with a complex game comes opportunities for discussion. This complex game requires different strategies for different playstyles, and joining a big corporation/city to aid in their efforts is the way to go. Think of it as a “guild” or a “clan”, where you can discuss everything related to the game or anything off-topic. After all, it is much stay motivated when playing a game in which you have deep social roots and are able to get the advice you need!

Deep and strategic time management gameplay!

With thousands of players on each server duking it out, forming powerful associations and corporations, and trying to be the endgame winner, you can be sure that this strategy tycoon games has addictive elements to make its players play on for so many days on end.

To start with, let’s have a look at how the average Rail Nation game goes. Each game lasts for 6 different eras, and each era lasts 14 days. It’s a marathon, and you have to pace yourself as you maximize your strategy to grow your nation and align your interests with your association/corporation’s.

The eras are segmented by the types of trains available, as well as trade goods. Being able to immediately research and access the newest technologically advanced trains will mean more reliable trains for transport, increasing your chance to win the game at the end.

You will require a lot of resources, not to mention time, in order to achieve your goals. Can you strategize ahead of time and plan your resources towards the next era? Or will you be able to convince your corporation to move around the resources you need?

There are endless possibilities as to how you can get the edge over your competitors. It’s up to you to find your way!

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Exciting MMO gameplay!

As a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game, Rail Nation has many social communities that helps you learn and progress with the game. This support system is great for new players and experienced ones alike, as there are always new things to learn, and new mechanics to master.

The social aspect of Rail Nation is not to be underestimated! As mentioned earlier, each game server can take over 70 days of real-time playing to complete! It is indeed an enjoyable marathon, and playing it with newfound friends is a fun and rewarding experience.

It is even common to remain friends after the server ends, and to enter a new Rail Nation game with friends you have made! Some of the bigger corporations have had steadfast members that join them server after server, and it shows how powerful the bonds and friendships you can make on Rail Nation can be.

A lesson in rail history!

This graphically detailed time management game is also rich in train details! If you need another reason as to why this game is called “Rail Nation”, it features over 35 types of trains and 48 types of wagons for freight transportation.

While we may not be train experts at the start of the game, you will definitely pick up a few technological jargon here and there regarding the trains of different eras.

And, in case you were wondering, the trains featured in Rail Nation do exist in the past! The names are kept, and the train models as depicted in the game are historically accurate, allowing players to appreciate just how far technology has progressed since the first trains in the world.

You don’t have to be a history or train enthusiast to enjoy these details!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Rail Nation is a free to play game! It is also browser games, and this allows everyone who has access to a laptop and internet connection to play, without having to worry about whether their computer is powerful enough or not.

It is also completely free despite the paying elements, and you can experience the game in its entirety without having to pay a single cent. There are few games out there that are as well-designed as this time management and rail simulator combined, and we think you will enjoy this game as much as we have. Try it out and make new friends today!

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Published 11 March 2023


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